Choosing Excellence™ brings the Baldrige and Glasser continuous improvement models to the school and classroom level. Topics include SMART Goals, the PDSA process, the Questioning Process, Lead management and building positive relationships. Emphasis is placed on using data to make informed instructional decisions, including the analysis of student data for setting AYP and State School Grade goals. Time to practice these skills is built into the training. For More Specific Information

Choosing Excellence is a highly engaging, action-packed, rigorous three days of learning that results in improved student achievement. I highly recommend this training for anyone working in an organization that desires to continually improve.

– Dr. Denise Carlin, Principal, Pinewoods Elementary, FL

Choosing Excellence™ Results:

The School District of Lee County – Choosing Excellence™ is a unique blend of the Sterling (Malcolm Baldrige) and Glasser Quality School Models. Tropic Isles Elementary (North Fort Myers, Lee County, FL) has been using this blending of programs for almost 10 years. Their Florida School Grade points increased for 8 straight years. They have been an A school for 10 years. Before Florida received a waiver from NCLB, Tropic Isles made AYP 5 straight years. The School District of Lee County is providing the Choosing Excellence training, designed by Bob Hoglund and Cindy McClung, for its schools. As of August, 2013, almost 1300 teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff have attended the three-day Choosing Excellence Training in Lee County, Florida. 97% of the attendees rated the presenters and overall quality of the program as a success (4 or 5 rating on a 5 point scale). Content was rated at 96% success rate and handouts 94%.

Choosing Excellence Customer Feedback Results 2011-2015

Content/Information 94%
Handouts/Materials 93%
Presenters 96%
Overall Quality 95%

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