Choice Theory® / Reality Therapy Basic Training

  • Do you want your clients / students to be more succesful?
  • Do you have clients / students who would benefit from being more responsible?
  • Would you like some tools, techniques and strategies to challenge your more difficult clients / students?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ll want to attend the Basic Choice Theory / Reality Therapy training!

Bob Hoglund is an enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging facilitator who is an expert in Glasser’s Choice Theory®. Upon leaving his workshop, you will return to the office equipped with the skills necessary to positively interact with others, even as challenges arise. The Questioning Process is one of the most effective tools that I have ever utilized, and it assists me tremendously when dealing with the challenges that are part of my life as a school principal.
Dr. Denise M. Carlin, Former Principal Pinewoods Elementary School                                                                      Currently: Director, Strategic Engagement & Community Partnerships

In this training:

1. You will learn tips, tools, techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately

  • Keep your clients / students focused on the real issues.
  • Use negatively worded questions to help your clients / students evaluate more.
  • Learn how to use the language of responsibility with your clients / students.

2. Your knowledge of Choice Theory® and the Reality Therapy questioning process will help you shift responsibility and accountability to your clients / students, where it belongs!

  • “How” and “Why” people behave. (Choice Theory + Internal Motivation)
  • The effective use of the Reality Therapy questioning process.

3. You will have fun learning and practicing!

For more information on the Basic Training click HERE


In order to complete the Certification process of the William Glasser Institute, participants must complete the following:

  • Basic Intensive Training
  • Basic Practicum
  • Advanced Intensive Training
  • Advanced Practicum
  • **Certification Week (see below)

All of the Institute Training levels (except Certification) can be arranged in your business, school or agency.